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Premium pricing

Hi — I’m Matt, founder of Job Garden.

I started Job Garden because I wanted to help the startups that I know with their hiring. They would ask me to share jobs with my network. So I decided to automate it.

Then a few investor buddies saw what I was doing, and asked for public job boards too. Since then we’ve added more ways to get the word out, and found that the data collected along the way helps those same investors target their assistance.

Job Garden is free for job seekers and for startups. Getting good people into good jobs is what we do. The premium subscription is how we bring more benefits to investors and other organisations supporting startups.

— Matt

p.s. you can email me at

A public job board for your portfolio

(Are you a job seeker wanting to watch companies privately? It’s free. See below.)

Feature Free Premium
An automatically maintained job board for your portfolio
Give us your portfolio of companies, and we do the rest. We operate our own web crawler that fetches jobs from 41 common applicant tracking systems, and even hand-coded careers pages. To date we’ve fetched over 40,000 different jobs. There are some systems we can’t crawl. More here.
Different plans to suit your portfolio size
Get started on the free plan with up to 5 companies. Then choose one of two premium plans: Standard lets you have 40 companies in your portfolio, and Plus goes to 100. (Portfolio more than 100 companies? Get in touch.)
Limit: 5 Standard: 40
Plus: 100
Your domain name, your job board
Your job board appears at instead of the regular We still take care of hosting, and you can present a more integrated face.
Request new companies at any time
Add a new company to your job board with the built-in requests system. When we build the integration, we also create a company page with links and a description.
Capacity dependent Max 5 day turnaround (50 company limit)
Geocoded and categorised jobs to help job seekers
Each job is automatically located to a city and a country (we have about 75% coverage), and tagged with a job function using statistical inference. So if a job seeker wants to focus in on just marketing jobs, or just engineering, we got ’em. Also, maps 👍
Twitter, LinkedIn, and Mailchimp integration to get the word out
Tools to automate tweets, share a preview of the latest roles to social media, and even automatically include jobs in your community newsletter: we believe that a job board only has value when you take it to where the talent is. (Got a channel we haven’t covered yet? Let us know. All our integrations come from customer requests.)
A newsletter call-to-action to build your community
Set a link to subscribe to your network email newsletter, and the call to action appears right in your job board header, for all job seekers.
Traffic analytics to monitor effectiveness
Find out whether the link on your homepage is driving more traffic to your new job board than the weekly tweet, and if your performance marketing is improving over time. We break down your traffic by source.
30 days 30 days
Monthly reports
Team view
Excel downloads
Hiring activity data to spot changes in your companies
See hiring velocity at companies in your portfolio over time. Company insights reveal when they’re hiring in new cities or for new functions so you can target your support.
30 days 30 days
Monthly reports
Team view
Excel downloads
Teams: work together to get the word out
Keep the portfolio up to date for all team members by maintaining it in one place. Work together with you partners to build awareness by coordinating your automatic tweets. All team members are covered by a single premium subscription.

Subscribe now

7 day free trial included.

Standard (40 companies): £168/month inc. VAT (UK), or $200/month (US).

Plus (100 companies): £300/month inc. VAT (UK), or $330/month (US).

Alternatively, email to set up a call. We can discuss your needs and share what’s on the roadmap.

Not ready for premium? Sign up now to get started on the free tier.

Privately watch companies for new jobs

All users, whether organisations or individuals, can use the watchlist for free.

  • Build a private job board watching the portfolios and companies that you choose.
  • Request new companies. We’ll geocode and categorise the jobs just the same as for the public boards.
  • Custom job alerts by email and RSS. Want just ops jobs in New York? We’ve got you covered.

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