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Some companies aren’t syncing jobs

Sometimes you may see that a company that shows the message “careers page not syncing”.

This message appears when the company

  • uses an unsupported recruitment system, or
  • has a website that is not yet supported, or
  • requires a manual check.

Alternatively there might be an error with our data. If that’s the case, please bring it to our attention by tapping the “Problem with…” link at the bottom of the company page.

There are some recruitment systems we don’t support

Often companies manage their hiring with a recruitment system such as Workable or Greenhouse. We automatically sync jobs from many recruitment systems.

However, because of web crawling policies, we can’t sync jobs from systems including

  • AngelList
  • LinkedIn

So if a company uses one of those systems, their jobs won’t appear on Job Garden, and you won’t see new openings from those companies on your watchlist.

We can’t support company websites that are too unstructured or too complex

When a company posts jobs on a careers page on their own website, maintained by themselves instead of using a recruitment system, we build an integration specifically for their website.

This is possible only when the jobs listings are well-structured: a list of links to consistently formatted pages is great. But ad hoc job posting on the company blog, while great for visitors to the company website, can’t be found by our automated integrations.

On a more technical level, a handful of websites use extensive JavaScript and are too complex to be integrated.

So jobs from companies that fall into one of these categories won’t show up on Job Garden.

Sometimes we require a manual check on our automated systems, and that check is overdue

Companies don’t hire all the time. When that’s the case, we show the message “not hiring” on the Job Garden company page.

Periodically we like to have a manual check to verify this. What if the company has started using a new recruitment system, and we’ve been checking their old, empty system by mistake? That’s the kind of error the manual check is there to catch.

When the manual check is overdue, to avoid misleading job seekers, we show the message “careers page not syncing” rather than “not hiring.”