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Your watchlist and how to use it

Your private watchlist is how you can hear about new roles at companies you’re interested in. It looks just like a regular job board, only it’s just for you.

  • Want to work at a particular startup but they’re not hiring right now? Add them to your watchlist, set up the free email subscription, and get notified as soon as there’s a new opportunity… whether that’s next week, or in 3 months.
  • Discovered a board on Job Garden curated by an investor with great taste? Add them to your watchlist, set the location preference, and hear about all new roles in your city at companies they endorse.

You need a Job Garden account to have a watchlist: sign up for free.

Once you’ve signed up, there’s always a link to your watchlist in the top navigation of the site.

Creating your watchlist

Tap the “Add to watchlist” button on any company page to add it to your watchlist. Tapping the same button on a job board page will add all of that board’s companies.

The button is labelled “Set up watchlist” if you haven’t signed in or used your watchlist yet, and it will help you to sign up first.

To find new companies, and to edit companies and boards on your watchlist, use your watchlist’s “Watching” tab (this link will take you to a sign-in page if you haven’t yet signed up). Use the search box to find new companies to add.

If we aren’t yet syncing jobs from the company you searched for, don’t worry: we take requests. You can request the company from the search results page. It will be added to your watchlist automatically once we’ve built the code to sync jobs.

Your watchlist is private. Your list of companies and boards is personal to you, and not visible to any other user.

Subscribe to get new jobs by email

You can always view the jobs on your watchlist on the web: if you’ve already signed up, view your watchlist here.

Additionally you can subscribe to your watchlist for free (link for signed-in users only).

  • Email: receive new jobs in a single weekly email each Friday
  • RSS: we provide you with a personalised feed of new jobs that you can use with any RSS newsreader app.

Customise your subscription to make it more relevant

If you follow many companies, you may want to hear about jobs only in your city or for a particular handful of job functions.

Use your watchlist’s “subscribe” tab (link for signed-in users only) to set preferences for

  • location: country or city
  • job function: choose any number of autotags like “Engineering” and “Product.”

Your subscriptions will include only those jobs from your watchlist that match these preferences.