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Linking from your Mailchimp newsletter

A regular link to your job board from your email newsletter is a great way to spread the word about new opportunities.

For Mailchimp newsletters, there’s an easy way to include a link which means that

  • you can track traffic that arrives from your newsletter each week
  • the link text in your newsletter will have a live job count.

When complete, the link text in your newsletter will read something like this:

“Visit my Job Garden board for jobs at startups that I know. 28 opportunities at 15 companies including ScreenCloud, Winnow, and Beeline.”

Instructions for how to create the link

These instructions are based on Mailchimp’s article Add a Blog Post to Any Email Campaign. You’ll be using a Feed Merge Tag: “A tag that automatically adds blog content to any type of campaign.”

  1. Sign into the Mailchimp account you use for your newsletter
  2. In the Content section of the Campaign Builder, click Edit Design
  3. Add the special Job Garden tag below
  4. Style the tag as desired
  5. Click Save and Close
  6. Ensure click tracking is enabled in Mailchimp.

The special Job Garden tag is:


Replace USERNAME with the username in your Job Garden board URL. (Tap “Your Board” in the top nav, and look at the URL.)

Don’t forget to test your newsletter before sending it.

The text and link will now appear automatically in your newsletter. Traffic reports are updated weekly. Tap the “Data” button on your board to see these.

Not using Mailchimp, or prefer different copy?

If you

  • create your newsletter with a system other than Mailchimp
  • would prefer different copy

then you can create the link manually. To do this, write your desired copy into your newsletter template, and add this link:

Replace USERNAME with the username that is in your Job Garden board URL. (Tap “Your Board” in the top nav, and look at the URL.) Note that the link text will not include live job counts when using this method.

If your newsletter service already includes link tracking, omit the “?” and everything following it from the link.

We love feature requests

More complex newsletter integrations are possible, using even more live data. Get in touch if you have a newsletter and you’d like something different: