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About autotags

Autotags are tags that we have added automatically to job listings here on Job Garden. The tags are job functions, like

  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Design.

(We’ve used about 20 different job functions.)

Without tags, jobs are harder to find or browse. When companies list jobs on their websites or recruitment systems, they mostly don’t include tags like these. Even when tags have been provided, different companies use different words to describe the same function. So we have to add job function tags ourselves.

Our Autotags system is currently experimental.

If you spot a mistake: please tap the “Problem with…” link (at the bottom of the jobs page) and flag the problematic listing.

Autotags are added by our automatic classification system

To classify job titles with tags, we use techniques similar to how many email providers classify regular vs spam messages. The system is first trained on the minority of jobs for which tags have been supplied. Then predictions are made for the rest, just by looking at the statistical correlations between words in the job title and the supplied tags in the training data.

This is why sometimes tags aren’t exactly what a human would do.

However, companies do have control over what tags are used for their jobs: in addition to making automatic classifications, the autotagging system will use any department name included in the job listing, if the name matches an approved tag.

The system doesn’t always get it right

Your feedback will help us improve the autotagging system. There are many thousands of jobs on Job Garden, and sometimes an autotag that doesn’t make sense will be included – or an obvious one omitted. We can’t look at every job individually so it’s useful to be informed about these mistakes, then we can learn from the feedback about what upgrades we should make.

If you spot a mistake, please tap the “Problem with…” link at the bottom of the jobs page.

Autotags will be labelled as “experimental” while we’re in this learning mode.