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Job Garden

Automated portfolio job boards

We host job boards for 23 portfolios. We can host yours too. Status: perpetual beta.

Investors: Build your portfolio job board

Tell us your companies, and our custom web crawler will pull the latest opportunities direct from their public careers pages. We’ll tag and geocode jobs, and keep your new aggregated board up to date — with zero effort from you.

We also provide:

  • tools to get the word out on your social media and community newsletter
  • traffic analytics
  • plus live insights into hiring activity.

Your new portfolio job board is free: just sign up below and start adding companies. When you’re ready, go live. We also have an optional premium tier.

Any questions? Email Matt at to set up a call.

Are you a job seeker?
Find new opportunities by browsing portfolios and individual companies. Build your watchlist to get the latest opportunities as soon as they’re posted. You can subscribe for free by email and RSS.

We also have a special section for Remote Jobs.

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60 jobs at 26 portfolio companies

ADV is a patient venture investment engine. Its team are entrepreneurs and operators who have learnt the hard lessons and want to pay them forward.

C4 Ventures

393 jobs at 22 portfolio companies

Funding early to late stage startups in #Hardware, #Commerce, #Media. Investors in Zoov, Upmem, Cleeng, Riskified and others.

R/GA Ventures

246 jobs at 104 portfolio companies

The investment arm of global agency R/GA. We help connect industry leaders with groundbreaking technologies and emerging players to disrupt business as usual.